Dealing with divorce and determining child custody is enough to make your head spin. Thus, in addition to finding the right Child Custody or Family Law Attorney for you, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Create a home environment for your children-- Particularly if you are no longer living in the family home, you should try to create the best home environment that you can. Create a separate living space for your children, and make them feel as if they have a permanent and comfortable place in your new home.
  • Be careful who you share information with-- Unfortunately, people who you may think are your friends may share information that you tell them with your former spouse or their attorney. This can be inadvertent, since people may not realize the potential evidentiary value of letting information about visitations or the like slip. Thus, try not to share information that may later be used against you.
  • Consider the benefits of mediation-- courts are increasingly mandating attempts at mediation because it can be better for all parties involved, especially the children. It can help to avoid the resentment that parents might feel following a long drawn out custody battle.
  • Be open to working with your former spouse -- If you are going to have joint custody of your children, you will need to work together to make important decisions about how best to raise the children. This includes everything from where they go to school, to medical decisions, to vacation times.
  • Put your children's interests first -- By putting your child's interests before your own, you will show the court and your former spouse that you take your responsibilities as a parent seriously, and want to be an important part of your children's lives.

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