4-year-old Marcella Marino was banned from her primary school class individual photo after her professional hairstylist father, Marcello Marino, tied her hair into a tilted bow that resembled a hairstyle made popular by Lady Gaga back in 2009, according to Yahoo News.

When the British primary school student daughter asked her father to make her look like a princess for her photo Marcello tied her hair in the infamous tilted bow.  She loved the look, however, it went against the school's very strict dress code.

"When she went for the school photo on Monday she was told she wasn't allowed to wear her hair in that style because of the dress code," Marcello told the Daily Mail.

When the school officials told her that she could not wear the hairstyle in her photo she ended up in tears, her dad said.

The strict dress code limits ribbons or bows to those that are "made of dark colors, maroon/navy blue/black" and states strictly that "Hair braids/beads may not be worn."

Marcella's hairstyle seems to fall somewhere between the banned bows and banned braids, as hair tied bows are not explicitly banned under the school's policy. Yet, the school's reading of the policy prohibited her look.

"I am so disappointed,"  Marcello told the Mail. "I could understand if Marcella arrived with her hair dyed or something, but this is an elegant look which I think the school should be proud of."

The school rescheduled the photographs for unrelated reason and thus her hairdo would never have made the class photo as a result.

This seems to be an unnecessarily strict application of an already strict dress code. I can understand banning the hairstyle if it posed a distraction at the British primary school. But, the school did not assert distraction as a reason for the prohibition.

Nonetheless, the school is partly responsible for the upbringing of these young children and it is evident that they do not want to endorse a controversial figure like Lady Gaga, even if that means causing a 4-year-old student to shed a few tears.

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