In a rather bizarre story, a group of 18 so-called extreme "anti-racists" rushed a suburban Chicago restaurant to assault a meeting of alleged white supremacists, according to Yahoo News. During the charge, the anti-racists were dressed in black, wore masks, and wielded steel batons and hammers.

10 people were injured and as much as 3 of those 10 required medical treatment for wounds to the head resultant from the attack Saturday at the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park, Illinois

Additionally, the restaurant suffered $15,000 in property damage, which  included broken plates, glasses and furniture.

"I've been mayor for 31 years," Tinley Park Mayor Ed Zabrocki told ABC News, "and I've never heard of anything stranger than this."

5 of the attackers have since been apprehended and have been charged with  multiple felonies including aggravated battery, mob action and criminal damage to property.

The 5 charged include brothers Jason Jason, Cody and Dylan Sutherlin, as well as Alex Stuck and John Tucker. All 5 of the men are from Indiana and are part of the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement (H.A.R.M.). The group's website now refers to the 5 attackers the "The Tinley Park 5."

The victims of the attack were approximately a dozen members of the Illinois European Heritage Association, which is connected to the "White Pride" group Storm Front.

Coincidentally, 2 of the victims were subject to police investigation after the attack. Steven Speers of North Dakota was arrested on an outstanding warrant for possession of child pornography and Francis Gilroy of Florida was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

A portion of the attack was captured on the restaurant's surveillance camera, which Mayor Zabrocki viewed before it was handed over to prosecutors as evidence in the pending investigation.

"You see the door opens up, these 15, 18 people walk in. They've got hoods on, they've got masks on," he said.

While the attack itself happens out of the camera's view, Zabrocki said, "You see tables moving into view, food spilling on the floor.  You see them marching out and you see some of the waiters taking swings at them."

Tinley Park police chief Steve Neubauer said the  incident's setting was random as neither of the 2 groups had any connection to the town or the restaurant.

"There was a college graduation luncheon and a shower going on there.  It's a nice little family restaurant. You take your mother in law there for mother's day for breakfast," Neubauer said.

So, why did the the attack take place in Tinley Park?

Authorities believe that it was because the meeting had been mentioned on the "White Pride" webforum Accordingly, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors extremist group activity, suggested that H.A.R.M. most likely matched the names of those organizing the meeting on to those on a membership list of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement.

However,  Beckie Williams, one of the victims, denied that the group had a racist agenda and instead asserted that her heritage group only met to discuss "economic hardships."

Zabrocki said he was angry about the incident. "This is going to cost us a bundle … to our town and a bunch of other towns that responded for you know, a bunch of idiots," he said. "And I'm referring to both sides," he said.

Fortunately, none of the other restaurant patrons were seriously injured as a result of the unwarranted attack. The investigation is still pending as authorities will look to prosecute the additional masked members of H.A.R.M. who have yet to be arrested.

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