Let a criminal defense attorney help youCriminal Law comes with its own court system and statutory regulations. A Criminal Law Attorney can help you navigate through the system,  ensuring all along the way that your rights are being protected, from initial questioning to arraignment to trial.

Here are just some of the ways a Criminal Law Attorney can help you:

  • Inform you of your rights--as a suspect, accused, or charged defendant, you have rights.
  • Help you understand the charges--this includes a discussion of all the elements of the crime, and perhaps how these types of cases typically proceed.
  • Take advantage of holes in the case--the attorney will search for weaknesses in the case, and additionally, if there have been many mistakes, may have the case dismissed entirely.
  • Discuss your options--after reviewing your case, including the police report, the attorney can lay out your various options and courses of action.
  • Advise you how to proceed-- an attorney can discuss the various ramifications and risks associated with the different options, helping you to arrive at an informed choice.
  • Secure a plea bargain-- if you decide this is the best course of action, an attorney can negotiate a plea bargain that ensures you are getting the best deal possible.

Do not plead guilty to a crime without at least consulting with a lawyer first. You must be advised as to how this decision will impact the rest of your life. Remember that it is your constitutional right to have a Criminal Defense Lawyer fighting for you.