Liquor laws

Sunday laws, those that prohibit activities from occurring on Sundays, are nothing new. Now, however, Connecticut has decided to change one of its Sunday laws, allowing for liquor sales to occur on Sundays, but only from 10-5.

As promising as this might seem to liquor stores, referred to as "package" stores in this video on the topic, some cities and towns still have restrictive laws on the books, and according to Connecticut's office of policy and management, town law trumps state law.

Smaller municipalities are often able to pass more restrictive laws so long as they fall within the broader parameters of the state statute. As an aside, this is also sometimes the case with federal and state laws, Environmental Laws are one of the more obvious examples, e.g. California can require cleaner air than the EPA mandates, etc.

This inconsistency in the laws has become a cause of frustration for merchants in a town called Portland which has restricted liquor sales on Sundays, whereas its neighboring towns do not. In Portland, liquor sales cannot take place before noon on Sundays, meaning that other cities can monopolize on sales for the hours of 10-12. The town is considering repealing the measure after pressure from local shop owners, and in the hopes of capturing additional business within its borders.