What does family law mean?As attorneys we often take for granted the fact that certain legal issues are referred to under all encompassing umbrella terms that may not be immediately apparent.

For example, Estate Planning uses various tools such as wills and trusts, and the estate may ultimately pass through the Probate Court system. This is entirely separate from the probation or parole systems in the Criminal Law system.

Therefore, because Family Law is one of the areas that covers an incredibly broad swath of legal issues, here is a non-exhaustive list of the types of cases that might be handled by a "Family Law" Attorney:

Essentially, then, it can be helpful to think of any issues that are related to "the family," as a legal entity. Entering into or permanently severing a relationship, adding members, or ensuring that members are receiving the proper financial support all relate to "the family."

Additionally, when you are ready to hire a Family Law Attorney, or merely want to schedule an initial consultation to find out more, keep in mind that many Family Law Attorneys further specialize in one or a few of the areas listed above. For example, an attorney might practice only in the areas of child support or spousal support, or they might specialize in adoption or foster parent agreements. Divorce attorneys are perhaps the most illustrative of specialization within Family Law.

You can find a Family Law Attorney who specializes in your area of expertise by performing a search of the basic terms related to your area. For example, if you go to the Family Law page, and type in "child support," you will get a list of child support attorneys in your area. You can also click on a different state to find child support attorneys that practice there.