How much is my car accident lawsuit worth?Keep Track of Your Expenses

You were in an accident, now what? In addition to the tips regarding preserving your personal injury claim, here are some tips for how to maximize your claim in regards to expenses related to your accident.

  • Take photos of your car-- this is key. Worry about taking too little, rather than too many shots. Remember, these photos can be enlarged and used as exhibits during your trial, if necessary.
  • Keep all correspondence related to the case-- this includes in particular, correspondence with medical personnel. It's probably helpful to designate a certain corner in your house where you keep all of your organized case records together.
  • Save all of your medical related receipts-- this includes not only direct medical expenses, but also co-payments,  prescriptions, any special equipment (e.g. crutches, walkers, canes), any special foods or supplements, etc.
  • Track travelling expenses for medical appointments-- any costs you are incurring as a result of medical treatment stemming from the accident are worth keeping an accounting of.

Remember, the more documentation the better. Your Personal Injury Attorney will be able to advise you further regarding what is going to help your case the most.

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