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Many people are familiar with the term Miranda Rights or Miranda Warnings. Furthermore, many have heard the reading during the course of the popular reality show COPS. "You have the right to remain silent..." The Miranda warnings stem from your Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination.

The Court essentially created these mandatory protections to ensure that police and other governmental figures do not take advantage of their positions of authority by unlawfully pressing a suspect for information that they may not be required to divulge.

As a general matter, I would always, always, always recommend hiring a criminal defense attorney as soon as the police give the slightest indication that you might soon be arrested for a potential crime. While statements that you make may not be in the course of a custodial interrogation (when Miranda warnings apply), the police really can use whatever you tell them against you, whether directly or indirectly.

LawInfo has a wide variety of Criminal Law resources. In addition to finding videos, articles, and a searchable directory of qualified criminal law attorneys, you can also find answers to many of your frequently asked questions regarding your Miranda rights, including:

Q: What Do My Miranda Rights Protect Against During A Police Investigation?
A: In addition to advising you of your Miranda rights upon arrest, the arresting authorities must respect your Miranda rights throughout an investigation. Once a … More

Q: Do The Police Have To Wait Until I Have An Attorney Present Before They Question Me?
A: No. It is legal for the police to question you without the presence of an attorney or warning you of your Miranda rights (notifying you of your rights to silence and … More

Q: I Was Pulled Over For A Traffic Violation And Questioned. Isnt This An Illegal Interrogation?
A: Police questioning during a routine traffic stop is not usually considered to be an "illegal interrogation."  An illegal interrogation is when the … More

Criminal Defense attorneys are trained in zealously representing their clients. This includes interacting with the police and governmental officials, and filtering what you must and do not have to respond to.

Click to read more about the original case, Miranda v. Arizona. Additionally, LawInfo also has an incredibly informative Miranda Warnings Resource Page to answer any additional questions you may have. If you still have further questions, or are in need of counsel, you can start your search for a qualified Criminal Law Attorney today.