Ever since MTV's reality TV show The Jersey Shore first aired in 2009, those hailing from New Jersey have been associated with an orangish skin color that comes from excessive trips to tanning booths.

In a rather bizzare story, a New Jersey mother was charged with 2nd-degree child endangerment after school officials called law enforcement concerning her daughter's severe sunburn, according to the ABA Journal.

According to differing police reports, the child is either 5 or 6 six years old.

The mother, Patricia Krentcil, was charged late last month because her daughter allegedly acquired the burn at a tanning salon.

Krentcil told both ABC and CBS that she has taken her daughter to the tanning salon, but that she never lead her into a tanning booth.

Instead, the accused mother said that her daughter received her severe sunburns from being outside.

"I never once in my life let my daughter, especially at that age, go into a tanning booth," Krentcil told ABC.

Krentcil told CBS she loves to tan and it showed as she appeared to be extremely tan in the interview.

A  New Jersey law bars children under the age of 14 from using tanning booths.

Upon first impression I want to beleive the mother.

Yet, even if her daughter received the sunburn from being outside she should still be responsible enough to make sure that her daughter is properly protected.

I mean for school officials to have reported the burns to law enforcement officials Krentcil's daughter must have been pretty burnt.

What do you think?