Recent Food Recalls

Food Recall Alert

The following food products were recently recalled. The affected products are categorized according to the reason for the recall. While meant to be informative, please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive.

If you suspect that a product you have recently purchased might be subject to a recall, but you do not see the pertinent information here, you should contact the store or manufacturer of purchase for additional information.

As a general matter, consumers should immediately stop using products subject to a recall, and contact the store of purchase or manufacturer to arrange for a refund or replacement product.

Recalled Due to Salmonella 

  • Smiling Hara recently recalled its 12-ounce packages of unpasteurized soybean tempeh, which is believed to have sickened at least 37 people so far.

Recalled Due to Undeclared Ingredients

  • Café-Tasse S.A. is voluntarily recalling its 1.58 oz. Café-Tasse Noir (Dark) Belgian chocolate bar due to undeclared milk. The products were sold in 4 different states.
Product - Cafe Tasse Noir (Dark) Belgian Chocolate Bar
  • Reser’s Fine Foods, Inc. announced the recall of its Mrs. Weaver’s Pimento Spread that may have been packaged into containers marked Ham Salad, thus potentially containing undeclared milk.Mrs. Weaver’s Pimento Spread Front Package
  •  Hong Lee Trading, Inc. recently announced the recall of its Peacock Brand Preserved Apricots due to undeclared sulfites. The products were sold nationwide.
Peacock Brand Preserved Apricots Label 2

Recalled Due to Listeria Monocytogenes

  • Springwater Sprouts organic sprouts were recalled due to potential listeria contamination.Alfa Sprouts Organic Springwater Sprouts Label
  • Anytime Deli announced the recall of its Turkey & Ham Sub Footlong, Italian Footlong & Classic Cuban Sandwiches, due to potential listeria contamination.

Recalled For Other Reasons

  • La Star Seafood Company recently announced the recall of its Vobla fish, because the fish may not be properly eviscerated, thus posing a Clostridium botulinum hazard.
Photo of a box of smoked fish from LA STAR

What to to if You or a Loved One Has Been Affected by a Recalled Product

If you or a loved one has become sick or otherwise harmed as a result of a recalled product, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills or related expenses. Manufacturers are responsible for the damages that their defective products cause. If you think you have been harmed by a recalled product, whether or not one of those listed above, you should contact an experienced products liability attorney to discuss your potential legal claims.