5 so-called "anarchists" were arrested in Cleveland for attempting to bomb a 4-lane bridge that crosses the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, according to Yahoo News.

The FBI said that the public was never in danger from the explosive devices because they were inoperable and controlled by an undercover FBI agent.

The 5 alleged suspects were arrested Monday and charged with conspiracy and attempted use of explosive material to damage physical property affecting interstate commerce.

The 5 charged have been identified as follows:

  1. Douglas Wright, 26, of Indianapolis;
  2. Brandon Baxter, 20, of Lakewood, Ohio;
  3. Anthony Hayne, 35, of Cleveland;
  4.  Connor Stevens, 20, of Berea; and
  5. Joshua Stafford, 23, of Cleveland.

All of the 5 aforementioned suspects appeared at a federal court hearing Tuesday, yet their cases were continued until a bond hearing scheduled for Monday, May 7.

The suspects currently remain in federal custody.

The bridge that was subject of the bomb attempt has more than than 13,000 vehicles drive over it daily. Additionally, 2.1 million people visit the national park that it crosses each year, according to WEWS.

Fortunately the suspects purchased fake explosives and placed them surrounding the bridge Monday before being arrested shortly after 9 p.m.

They had plotted the bombing for several months and considered a series of alternative targets including the Veteran's Memorial Bridge.

According to the federal complaint, the initial plan also included using grenades in order to distract law enforcement officials while toppling various financial institution signs on high rise buildings in downtown Cleveland.

The complaint further stated, that 1 of the 5 charged said that the acts stood as an act against corporate America.

Finally, the plot developed into a conspiracy to remotely detonate C-4 explosives in order to take out the bridge, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, the conspiracy seems to be driven strictly by domestic forces, as there has been no mention of a foreign terrorist influence.

Thankfully the FBI intervened in time to prevent what would have been a catastrophic event on U.S. soil.

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