Lead Counsel RatingWhat is the Lead Counsel Attorney Rating?

The Lead Counsel Attorney Rating system, unlike many of the other attorney rating or consumer systems you may have heard of, offers a comprehensive and objective evaluation tool for consumers and businesses researching qualified legal representation.

In order to earn the Lead Counsel designation, an attorney must meet stringent requirements regarding professional experience, peer recommendations, and have a pristine disciplinary record. Additionally, these ratings are revisited annually, so you can be assured that the information is accurate and up to date.  Lastly, what truly differentiates the Lead Counsel Rating from many other commercial attorney rating systems, is that the rating is completely free.

This has two main implications. First, as a purely objective system, attorneys  either meet the standards for qualification or they do not, there is no grey area. Secondly, because of the objective nature of the rating, consumers can rest assured that the designation is not a matter capable of being purchased. All Lead Counsel attorneys must meet the qualifications, or they are not entitled to use the designation. As simple as that.

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