This November California voters will be faced with deciding whether or not to abolish the death penalty.

With the largest death row in the nation, California residents have an important decision to make.

If the death penalty were to be abolished, it would be replaced with life in prison without the possibility of parole, thus those inmates currently on death row would have their sentences converted and they would live the rest of their lives in prison.

Death Penalty Abolishment Makes Business Sense

Since 1978, when the death penalty was reinstated in California, 13 people have been executed. A report in the Los Angeles Times indicated that $4 billion has been spent to administer capital punishment in the state. Do the math, that equals around $308 million per execution.

I will admit that there are cases where I do feel that death is the correct punishment; however, when I read about people being falsely convicted for crimes they did not commit and arguments on the cost of maintaining capital punishment, I cannot see how it makes sense to continue with it.


What do you think? Should California do away with the death penalty?