Gas Stations to Deny Gas to Uninsured or Untaxed Motorists

Under a new proposed law, cars that are uninsured or untaxed will not be allowed to fill up at the pump. Reportedly 1.4 million, or 1 in 25 drivers in the UK drive without insurance. In order to "solve" this problem, the country plans on taking advantage of  Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. The ANPR cameras are already outfitted in thousands of gas stations.

The way the ANPR cameras work is that motorists can only fill up their car once the camera has captured and logged their license plate numbers. The initial purpose of the technology was to prevent drivers from pumping gas and then leaving without paying. Under the new plan, the cameras would cross reference the plates with the government's database of delinquent owners. Thus, if you want to get gas, you have to pay your taxes or become insured.

Officials are set to meet with representatives from major fuel companies to discuss the proposal.

Gas station owners worry about the risk to their attendants, as the individuals working at the stations are usually the recipients of challenges to the perceived unfairness of gas prices or regulations.