Every restaurant patron's worst fear is to have a waiter or restaurant employee physically tamper with their food. Accordingly, every time I am displeased with a waiters performance I bite my tongue and try to act as politely as I possibly can.

That fear was realized in South Carolina, as police said that a McDonald's employee spit in 2 customer's cups of sweet tea after they returned to the counter because they felt that their tea was not sweet enough, according to Yahoo News.

A video camera shows the worker, Marvin Washington Jr., 19, leaning over the open cups before giving them back.

Washington's alleged act was brought to the attention of authorities because the patrons said that they discovered phlegm in their drinks after they removed their tops.

South Carolina police arrested Washington Wednesday and charged him with malicious tampering with food.

Obviously, the worker isn't familiar with the old adage that "the consumer is always right."

Or maybe he just doesn't agree with it.

You can be sure of 1 thing, I will have nothing but nice things to say to restaurant workers in the future, even if that means drinking sweet tea that isn't so sweet.

What do you think?