I just read that the city of Fort Worth, Texas is considering a proposal that would allow the city to not hire a person for a city job if they are a smoker. The proposal is deemed a “cost-saving move to save millions in medical expenses and lost productivity for sick days.”

The mayor of El Paso says this is part of her mission to make the city a healthier place. The human resources department for the city is taking a look at their hiring practices as part of their overall health care strategy.

Private businesses have already adopted the business model of not hiring smokers and El Paso is looking at those models to see about following in their footsteps.

Is not Hiring a Person who Smokes Legal?

It may surprise you to know that there is nothing stopping employers from not hiring people who smoke because they are not a protected civil rights group. While Fort Worth may be the first large city considering such a policy, they may not be the last. Banning tobacco and tobacco users is increasing in popularity.


What do you think? Should being a smoker make a person a member of a protected civil rights group?