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Though the filing deadline for individual federal income taxes may have passed, there's no time limit to having tax problems. Whether you are currently engaged in discourse with state authorities or the IRS, or you simply want to learn more about different issues relating to tax law, LawInfo is your source.

Taxation is one of those areas where the more explanation of the relevant statutes and legal principles, the better. LawInfo has Taxation articles on a wide range of topics, including:

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Q: Do I Have To Pay My Taxes?
A: Generally yes.  You must pay your taxes every year.  Some people may argue that the collection of taxation is unconstitutional, however, it has been ruled … More

Q:Can I Request A Tax Extension?
A: Whether you are having trouble filling out the paperwork, need more time to collect money to pay your taxes, or for some other reason, sometimes you need more time … More

You can also find free legal guides, IRS forms, and many more resources on the Taxation main page. If you still aren't finding the information you are looking for, you can find a Taxation Attorney in your area, or whatever state you need representation in. Many attorneys will offer a free initial consultation in order to get a better sense of your case, and discuss how they might approach representing you.