Kimberly Conover (43), a popular Petaluma teacher and mother of four died on Sundar after being shot outside a Divorce Attorney's office in a Northern California town over the weekend. Her husband, Kevin Conover (41), was also succumbed to his injuries after being found by police who initially searched for a shooter when they arrived on the scene. Police now believe that the shooting was the result of a murder suicide attempt by the husband.

The attorney Jeff Zimmerman was briefly detained and questioned. It was determined that Kevin Conover shot his wife, and then himself. A revolver was recovered at the scene. Zimmerman said that he could not discuss the relationship of the Conovers due to attorney client privilege reasons.

The District Superintendent at the school where Kimberly taught stated that she was well loved, and had taught for over 12 years. She leaves behind four children, including 2 year old twins.

This story is a sad representation of emotions that can run incredibly high during divorce proceedings. Family Law issues can be incredibly complicated and become even more so when children are involved.  My thoughts go out to the family of the couple.