Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine was fired amidst sexual molestation allegations last November. But, his firing was somewhat overlooked compared to the national media attention surrounding Penn State and the laundry list of sexual molestation charges against former asst. coach Jerry Sandusky.

Yet, Fine was back in the news Friday, as one of his alleged victims said that he was lying when he claimed that Fine sexually molested him, according to CNN.

"I fabricated everything about Bernie Fine," Zachary Tomaselli, 23, told CNN from his home in Lewiston, Maine.

Tomaselli also told CNN that he had never even met Fine.

"Basically, I'm a sociopath. I take a lot of pride in lying," he added.

Tomaselli told authorities that Fine sexually molested him in a Pittsburgh hotel room in 2002 after the then 13-year-old Tomaselli said that he'd gone to watch a Syracuse-Pitt basketball game.

In December, Tomaselli filed a lawsuit against Fine, but his attorney, Jeff Anderson, voluntarily dismissed the claims weeks later.

"He's a troubled young man who I hope gets help," said Anderson.

Even though Tomaselli's claims were false there were other victim's that accused Fine of sexually molesting them, which ultimately led to his termination back in November.

Syracuse ball boys Mike Lang and his stepbrother, Bobby Davis, also accused the coach of molesting them over a period of several years.

Prosecutors believed that the Lang and Davis claims were credible, yet the government could not prosecute Fine because the statute of limitations had run on both victims.

Fine initially denied the sexual molestation allegations back in November, and has not publicly commented since.

Because the statute of limitations has run on the sexual molestation claims against Fine, prosecutors may only indict him if they can find another credible victim who claims that Fine has sexually molested him at a more date.

As the authorities have continued to investigate Fine, you can be sure that they have been looking long and hard for another victim. However, because no new credible victims have come forward, it looks as if Fine is safe for now.

As for Tomaselli, it is unclear whether he will be prosecuted for perjury or another related charge for bringing false claims against Fine because of his current mental state.

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