Though Easter is a holiday premised on the basic tenets of the Christian religion, over the years it has also become a day of cultural significance that focuses on, not only family togetherness, but also on our youth via Easter egg hunts.

During a typical Easter Sunday youngster's awake at the crack of dawn with their hearts set on finding eggs and in the process try accumulate as much candy as they possibly can fit in their respective baskets.

However, this Easter was a little bit different for a 3-year-old British boy, as he discovered a live hand grenade during his search for Easter eggs, according to Yahoo News.

According to the Yahoo article, the grenade was on the side of a busy road next to a field where a group of families routinely hold their yearly hunt in Holford, Somerset.

Further, reports indicate that the toddler was actually standing on the device when an adult fortunately spotted him.

"We were beginning to count up the eggs at the end of the hunt and I saw a boy of three standing on an object. 'It was brown and about four inches high. It looked like an Easter egg, but it was a hand grenade," said Stuart Moffatt. " I was shocked. The boy who was standing on it thought it was a rock."

Moffatt, an engineering consultant, attended the hunt with wife and his 3 children.

About 25 children were reportedly in that field on the Easter egg hunt.

The grenade was subsequently destroyed in a controlled explosion, according to a report conducted by The Daily Somerset.

It is believed to have been a relic from World War II.

This is one of the most bizarre stories I have heard in a while. Thankfully, none of the children or other bystanders for that matter were injured as a result of the unfortunately placed grenade.

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