The 2 Oklahoma men suspected of leading a mass shooting that left 3 dead have been charged with murder, according to Yahoo News.

The charged, Alvin Watts and Jake England, had their first court appearance Monday, appearing via closed-circuit television from jail.

Their bond has been set at over $10 million each.

At the hearing both were charged with the following offenses:

  1. 3 counts of first-degree murder,
  2. 2 Counts of shooting with the intent to kill and
  3. 1 count of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Neither man had an attorney present at the hearing Monday.

The presiding judge has scheduled the prisoner's next court appearance for April, 16.

Police describe the suspects as white and the victims as black. Yet they have yet to mention whether the attacks were racially motivated.

Police have reason to believe that this incident may have been motivated by an apparent attempt by England to avenge the death of his father 2 years ago. Yet, right now the police's suspicions are merely speculation that they hope to clarify via further investigation.

If these shootings were in fact racially motivated there is no question that they will incite a national uproar, especially in light of the recent shooting of Trayvon Martin by a Florida neighborhood watchman.

In that case Martin, an African-American teen, was shot by a white neighborhood watchman. Since, the shooting protestors have cried out against, what they feel, was an exercise of racial injustice and these protests have reached as far as congress.

Regardless, this incident will only add to the increased national focus regarding racially charged crimes.

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