A full-fledged brawl between 2 high school junior varsity baseball teams in Northern California led to the complete suspension of one team for a week. And, according to Yahoo News, this penalty may be considered lenient after further investigation is concluded.

The brawl was between the Yuba City HS Honkers and Del Campo High (Fair Oaks, California). Every player on the Honkers has been suspended for an entire week.

The fight took place in the 6th inning of a game between the teams at a tournament at Granite Bay HS Monday. The 3-3 game was promptly put to an end after the fight ensued.

During the 30-second brawl, players on both squads became immersed in a heated melee where players on both teams threw punches and wrestled each other to the ground.

The brawl ensued when a Yuba City pitcher threw a ball at and charged a Del Campo coach in response to comments made by the coach to the pitcher.

According to the Marysville Appeal-Democrat,  "the melee occurred in the sixth inning after the Del Campo first base coach made comments to the Yuba City dugout and pitcher Jaylon Deas. Deas then turned and threw the ball from the mound at the coach. The ball missed the coach, but Deas charged the coach and benches cleared."

Although the entire Yuba City team will be suspended until April 9, with a strong possibility of additional punishment for the most culpable players, Del Campo has yet to issue any penalties to its coaches and players.

I know that the Del Campo players did not spark the physical fight. Yet, the coach who berated the Yuba City pitcher should at least have to pay some sort of penalty for his role in the fight.

School officials, including coaches, should no better than to antagonize 15 or 16-year-old kids.

What do you think?