Nick Fairley, a defensive lineman for the NFL's Detroit Lions, was arrested on a second-degree marijuana possession charge Tuesday afternoon in Mobile, Alabama, according to ESPN. The charge is a misdemeanor in Alabama.

According to Mobile police spokesman Christopher Levy, police responded to several complaints regarding  a suspicious Cadillac Escalade in a Mobile neighborhood Tuesday.

Accordingly, the police pulled the car over, which is when officers detected the scent of marijuana inside the car and found a small amount in the ashtray, Levy told ESPN's Adam Schefter. Inside the car sat the 6'3" 290 lb. defensive tackle.

Fairley was arrested and promptly posted $1,000 bond, Levy said.

Coincidentally, Fairley's arrest comes less than a month after the team's running-back Mikel Leshoure was cited for chewing marijuana during a routine traffic stop in Lake Township, Michigan.

In response to ESPN's questioning, the Lions revealed that they are aware of Fairley's arrest and are gathering more information regarding the incident.

"We hold all of our players to a high standard of behavior and the recent charges against Nick and Mikel Leshoure are not consistent with those standards," the Lions said in a statement Tuesday. "We are extremely disappointed. We will continue to gather information and will have further comment at the appropriate time."

Fairley was the Lions' first-round pick out of Auburn, the 2011 national champions, in 2011. He was limited to 10 games in his rookie season because of a foot injury, posting 11 tackles and just 1 sack.

It is unclear whether the team will try to resolve these issues in-house or will leave punishment to the heavy-handed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has time and again demonstrated no hesitation to crack the whip in the form of harsh player punishments.

Considering the small quantities of marijuana that the 2 Lions possessed it is unlikely that their punishments will be too great. They will probably receive a fine and at most receive a 1 or 2 game suspension.

Because both are first time NFL offenders this can only help their respective cases.

Yet, no punishment that Goodell imposes will surprise me.

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