Justin Bieber Phone PrankWhile I don't ordinarily take note of anything related to Bieber Fever, or whatever it's being referred to these days, when I came across this article, it piqued my legal interest.

Essentially the teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, in some sort of attention getting gimmick, or perhaps in order to please his legion of young fans, posted on his Twitter page for his fans to "call me right now," and included a phone number with everything except for the last digit.

What ensued was absolute hysteria. Desperate fans called the number, guessing as to what the last number might be, and in doing so flooded the people with those actual phone numbers with calls. Imagine thousands of people calling you for days on end, hoping to reach their teen dream boy. Justin Bieber allegedly has 19 million followers on twitter.

Two Texans whose phone numbers were deluged with the calls decided to fight back, so to speak, and hired a lawyer. Presumably they are alleging some sort of harassment or negligence claim, since prank phone calls aren't typically addressed under tort laws.

The lawyer for two of the offended parties told TMZ that acceptable compensation for Bieber's "reckless" behavior might include concert tickets for Dilcie's grandchildren, an apology from Bieber himself, or money in order to cover any out-of-pocket expenses, such as long distance phone bills.