A Rhode Island Man filmed a group of girls attacking a 12-year-old girl in his neighbor's garden, according to CNN. He told Providence police that he thought it was a prank.

2 of the girls have since been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy, and the other 2 have been charged with simple assault and conspiracy, according to Providence Police Sgt. Matthew Ryan.

The victim suffered relatively minor injuries consisting of 2 black eyes, a bruised nose and bite marks on her hands.

The victim's mother, Holly Gingerella said, "My daughter is doing OK. She doesn't look very good, but she's a strong child."

Further, she said that her daughter has a shunt in her brain to aid with a medical problem, but fortunately it was not damaged from the beating.

The man posted the video of the incident on YouTube, during which he he exposed his face to the camera and even described the attack.

Ryan said additional cell phone video of the attack was turned in to police after officials at Woonsocket Middle School confiscated it. CNN was unable to get a comment from the school regarding the confiscation.

The police Sgt. also told CNN that the man is not being charged and is not involved in the case as he no longer possesses the video.

Gingerella said that she was "horrified" that the man did not attempt to intervene and help her daughter.

Gingerella said the leader of the girls invited her daughter to spend Friday night at her house and there had been no incidents between the girls to suggest that an incident such as this one could have occurred. She said that her daughter "is very quiet. She likes to stay to herself. She tries to get people to like her."

However, last Saturday what Gingerella viewed as a friendly relationship somehow became something different. "My daughter said everything turned bad in about 10 minutes. She was attacked and they wouldn't stop. She got up and ran. Then they attacked her on the pavement. Nobody interfered. Not even the man who videoed it," she said.

Further, Gingerella said that the girls cancelled a text message from her daughter asking to be picked up after the attack and replaced it with one asking if she could stay the night.

When her daughter returned home, Gingerella said that her daughter told her she was hit by a softball because she was fearful of potential retaliation, but she eventually broke down and told her mother what had actually happened.

There were no parents home at the time of the attack, said Gingerella. The mother of the group leader told CNN affiliate WJAR that, "I love my daughter, too. But my daughter needs help. My daughter has done this too many times. She needs to be punished for this."

Ryan said 2 of the girls parents have turned them in to police and the girls have since been charged as minors. The other 2 are expected to be turned in soon, said Ryan.

Throughout this nation's history the criminal justice system has distinguished between voluntary criminal acts and those who don't act. As state legislatures have almost invariably chose not to punish the latter.

Yet, this very act speaks to a deficiency in the criminal justice system as the neighbor could have intervened and helped a defenseless girl without a reasonable threat of harm to himself, as she was being attacked by 12-year-old girls.

I am not saying that in all instances people should be required to help those in danger. However, I believe that a member of society should be required to help those being harmed if he or she reasonably believes that another is in danger and reasonably believes that he or she can stop the crime without injury.

What do you think?