BMW Recall AlertBMW has announced that it will recall 367,000 5-series and 6- series automobiles because a battery cable cover in the trunk may have been installed in an incorrect manner, according to Yahoo News.

The installation gaff could potentially cause the battery cable to chafe and accordingly pose electrical problems, trouble starting, and in an extreme case fires, according to BMW.

In total, the automaker is recalling 1.3 vehicles worldwide.

The cars recalled were manufactured from 2003-2010. Their owners will be notified by mail and asked to bring their vehicles into local dealerships so that BMW can rectify its mistake.

The international automotive giant says that the repair will take 30 minutes and will be free of charge.

BMW reports that no accidents nor injuries have been reported as a result of the mis-installed battery cover.

This comes just after BMW recently recalled several BMW's, mini's, and Rolls-Royce's over water pump issues.

Although, BMW has yet to disclose any injuries resultant from its product defect, after 8 years of producing a defective product it seems likely that someone had to have been injured from its malfunction.

Nonetheless, BMW did the right thing by take proper action after it was aware of the product defect.

Accordingly, it will be interesting to see if this recall prompts a products liability lawsuit or maybe even a class action suit in the near future. Yet, it is too early to tell what actual problems will be brought upon BMW as a result of its recent recalls.