I came across this gem of random laws in different states, that are allegedly still on the books. Among the most poignant:

In Maine, It's Illegal To Have Christmas Decorations Up After Jan. 14 This one seems to need no explanation. If you don't have a deadline, people might leave their decorations up until the following year, and so on into infinity. According to another source, you will be charged a fine for non-compliance. I highly doubt this one is stringently enforced, unless perhaps May 14 rolls around, and the decorations are still up, after several warnings, etc.

In North Dakota, Beer And Pretzels Cannot Be Served At The Same Time In Any Bar Or Restaurant. This one I don't get. It is probably one of those situations where there was an isolated incident that caused the lawmakers to hastily enact a statute. What is interesting about this law, is that it doesn't forbid serving the items in succession, but rather at the same time.

In Louisiana, There Is A $500 Fine For Instructing A Pizza Delivery Man To Deliver Pizza To A Friend Unknowingly. I'm fairly certain this one needs no explanation. It was probably the hopes of the legislatures that enacting the fine would serve as a deterrent for pranksters from ordering pizza to their unknowing friends. This site has the statute's actual language--turns out you can actually be jailed for up to 6 months for violating this one, and it doesn't have to be your friend whom you are pranking, either!