Former North Carolina senator and 2008 democratic presidential candidate John Edwards denied reports by Manhattan's website DNAinfo Thursday that he was a client of New York's "Millionare Madam" Anna Gristina's brothel, according to Yahoo News.
Edwards is the first marquee client to be associated with the brothel that was busted by cops earlier in March.
Allison Van Laningham, Edwards' lawyer, said that the reports were "false and defamatory."

"Mr. Edwards categorically denies that he was involved with any prostitute or service.  These allegations are false, defamatory, and he puts those who would publish or repeat them on notice that they are acting with actual malice by reporting or repeating them.  He has demanded a complete retraction from the only source being quoted," she said in a statement.

DNAinfo reported that Edwards allegedly engaged in sexual activity with a hooker in an Upper East Side hotel suite.

Accusations regarding the former senator's personal life and his subsequent denial are not novel.

Edwards publicly denied the National Enquirer's story that he had fathered a child with mistress Rielle Hunter, referring to the claims as "made-up."

"The story is false. It's completely untrue, ridiculous," said Edwards in 2007.

Despite his denial, Edwards is currently facing a federal trial, after he allegedly used $1 million in campaign donations to cover up his affair and child with Hunter, a violation of federal campaign-finance laws.

John Edwards' fall from grace was sudden and unexpected. Once viewed as a model husband who supported his wife during her battle with cancer his image is now marred by his affair, illegitimate child and his efforts to cover both up.

These new allegations only continue to tarnish his image and if true may lead to further criminal charges.

However, if the accusations are untrue and were made by those knowing that they were untrue Edwards may have a claim for defamation against DNAinfo and others who seek to speak falsely about him as his attorney mentioned.

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