On Monday a man approached a Jewish school in Toulouse, France and fatally shot three children as well as a teacher. Now that man is on the run and a nationwide search for him is underway, according to Yahoo News.

French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, flew to Toulouse and referred to the sniper attack on the Jewish school as a "national tragedy," according to BBC. As a result, Sarkozy has raised terrorism alerts within the southwest portion of the nation to the highest level possible.

The shots were reportedly fired by a gunman on a black Yamaha motorcycle occurring just as parents dropped their children off at school Monday morning.

"Witnesses said the gunman pulled up on a black scooter and began shooting at an area which serves as the drop-off point for the school's nursery- and primary-age children," the BBC report said.

The deceased include: Jonathan Sandler, a teacher at the school, his two sons, ages 3 and 6, and an 8-year-old girl, daughter of the school's head teacher. The sniper also wounded a 5th victim, a 17-year old boy.

According to French police, the gun used in the attack Monday is the same gun that was used to kill 3 French soldiers, of north African descent, in 2 separate incidents in the area earlier last week.

Any Possible Suspects?

As of now French police are searching for 3 former French soldiers who were kicked out of the force in 2008 over alleged neo-Nazi ties believing that they are potential suspects in the case.

"The police remain convinced that [the attacker] is military (still active or not), given his modus operandi, his way of moving and his use of his weapon," a translated police report stated.

Sarkozy and fellow French presidential candidates have temporarily suspended their campaigns in the wake of the shooting, while the investigation is underway.

School shootings are always tragic, yet this one is even more so as a father and his 2 sons are dead, leaving an entire family destroyed.

The police have began to piece together a potential suspect by identifying a potential motive, former disgruntled Neo-Nazi soldiers taking out their angst upon young innocent Jews . They additionally, used the method of the killings to narrow the class of potential suspects to those with a military background.

Hopefully the police are on the right track and can catch the suspect(s) before they strike again.

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