The Ninth Circuit recently released a report (see link below), detailing how it remains the busiest Court of Appeals in the country, with 22% of all new appeals nationally.

Appellate filings nationwide numbered fell 1.5% overall, and by as much as 7.7% among the individual circuits. Aside from the Ninth Circuit, only the Second and Tenth had an increase in filings.

Within the Ninth Circuit, the total amount of new appeals for 2011 was 12,141, up 1.3 percent from the prior year.

According to the report, "Immigration matters and appeals brought by inmates in state or federal prisons within the circuit predominated the court’s docket numerically, while more than half of all appeals were brought by litigants who were not represented by a lawyer."

Here you can find a chart with all of the numbers, including several charts dedicated to things such as type of filing or termination, and Bankruptcy filings according to chapter type.

The U.S. federal court system, is divided into 94 judicial districts, with 12 regional circuits, and a separate Federal Circuit Court.

The Ninth Circuit hears appeals from the district courts in Alaska, Arizona, California, Guam, Hawai'i, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Northern Mariana Islands, and Washington. You can find more information about the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals here.