Houston Teen Shot Dead at House PartyA rave at a Houston area mansion that was supposed to emulate the movie "Project X" turned deadly early Wednesday morning after several attendees fired guns, killing 1 person as police tried to break up the party, according to a Yahoo News article.

The unidentified male victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died at shortly thereafter at a nearby hospital, according to Houston police.

The newly released movie, now in theaters, portrays an "anything goes" party that eventually spirals out of control.

Since, Project X's release, several copycat parties have caused over $100,000 in real damage and several arrests, as well as the most severe this fatality.

The party, attracted somewhere in the neighborhood of 500-1,000 guests.

One of those guests, Daniel Menjivara, said "Project X" and the fact it was spring break were the main reasons that he and others attended the party. Yet, Menjivara said he was 1 of few college aged kids at the party, as the guest-list mainly consisted of teenagers.

"The house got pretty full. You could barely move around," he said.

At the party there were trash cans full of spiked punch, wet foam covered the floor, and women who wore bathing suits were granted free entry, as advertised by party flyers.

Naturally, the news of the party was also spread through social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, which contributed to the sizable turnout. The mansion was surrounded by an expansive field and the closest neighbor was a considerable distance down the street.

Around midnight, Houston Police responded to a noise complaint at the home and shut the party down.

"Kids took to the streets, but the parking lot was overpacked so you couldn't get out," said Menjivar . "It was just people in the actual street. They got into arguments and started shooting each other."

Willie Armstrong, an attendee who witnessed the shooting told local ABC affiliate KTRC that "[the gunman] was just walking, and he pulled out a gun and started shooting, like for no reason. He shot the boy in the back of the head and fell on the ground. He started shooting at the crowds, but then he ran through the field."

Officers pursued the gunman on foot, yet they were unable to catch him.

"At this time, it has not been determined if the male pursued by officers is the suspect in this case, as it appears several people discharged weapons at the scene," Houston Police said.

As of now the search for the gunman is ongoing. It is unclear, if the victim was also carrying and/or firing a weapon.

Although, the criminal prosecution of the gunman is imminent once apprehended, it will be interesting to see whether the victim's family will file suit against the owner of the house. Or, whether the family will bring a claim against the makers of "Project X," which could be a plausible route, especially when considering that this was not the first party that has sought to emulate the film and, as a result, has ended in considerable damage.

A young boy is dead and someone has to answer.

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