Woman Suing Kaiser for Failure to Diagnose Cancer after Five YearsWoman Diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer 5 Years After Seeking Treatment

A couple is suing Kaiser, and its related entities and employees, for Medical Negligence, Wrongful Death,  Loss of Consortium, and other claims, for allegedly failing to diagnose the fact that Yin Meng Liu Flato had Ovarian Cancer until it was too late.

The plaintiffs allege that Flato saw a doctor in 2006 for "symptoms evidencing cancer," but that no treatment or tests were ordered. Then, in 2010, a chest CT revealed nodules on the lungs, and still no further testing or treatment was ordered. It wasn't until 2011 that proper diagnostic testing was ordered, which revealed Stage IV Ovarian Cancer.

The complaint alleges that,  "This failure to properly perform surgery, engage proper treatment, prescribe proper treatment, failure to provide necessary medical treatment and services, failure to perform proper and necessary tests and examinations ... resulted in plaintiff suffering high-risk cancer and resulting damages to the plaintiff."

The Flatos seek general damages for loss of consortium, and special damages for loss of earnings, financial support, and future funeral and burial costs.

I have noticed a flurry of malpractice suits against Kaiser recently. There are many potential reasons for this. This could be due to the fact that as a larger institution, it simply has a larger amount of patients being treated at any given time, or it could be that patients with understandably upsetting outcomes are increasingly likely to explore their legal options, especially during a down economy. Whatever the reason, I hope that the families in each of these suits are able to come to a mutually agreeable resolution.