Coach Timothy Forbes

Coach Timothy Forbes

In one of the most bizarre and alarming outbursts in recent youth sports memory, a Massachusetts middle school basketball coach attacked and bit off a portion of the opposing coach's ear after losing the 6th grade championship game, according to a Yahoo News article.

Timothy Forbes, 34, was charged with mayhem, assault, battery, and disorderly conduct following his tirade after he turned himself in to police.

The charges came after Forbes' attack on the unnamed opposing coach following his team, Springfield's Heat's, loss to the Springfield Migs at Holy Name School following the Springfield Catholic Youth Organization middle school basketball finals.

According to WWLP and NBC Connecticut, Forbes became enraged following the loss and instigated the fight with the opposing coach.

The victim, also 34, was rushed to nearby Baystate Medical Center in Springfield where the missing piece of his ear was reattached. He was released shortly thereafter.

While Forbes maintains that he was a coach for the Heat, Heat officials deny that he was even a part of the organization and that his name was not even on the roster.

Regardless of Forbes' official role with the team, Springfield Heat president John Maloney told WWLP that the entire incident was shocking for everyone involved.

"I think everyone who heard it couldn't believe it and it was certainly very devastating to the program to have something like this happen," Maloney said. "We feel it hasn't happened before and we hope it will never happen again."

Well I can say that I agree with Maloney in that I hope that an incident like this one never happens again. Although in this day in age where parents constantly push their children to excel in sports and thus become overly involved I believe that this will not be the last time that I will be reporting one on of these unfortunate occurrences.

As the investigation continues it will be interesting to see what Forbes' official role was with the team, if he had one, and if the answer to that question will have an effect on the Heat organization's potential liability in this case.

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