A Rhode Island judge revoked a teen's drivers license for life last week after he crashed his car injuring himself and 3 others last fall, according to an article on WPRI.com.

A traffic court judge imposed the unprecedented penalty on the 17-year-old, according to a Rhode Island  judiciary spokesperson.

What does this mean for the driver?

It means he will never again be able to obtain a driver's license in the state  Rhode Island.

Judge Makes Statement

The penalty is a discretionary provision that exists in state law, but has never been used. That is until now.

"This traffic tribunal is no longer sitting idly by as our youth are killed and injured on our roads," said William Guglietta, the judge who imposed the severe punishment.

"The time has come for a change in our attitude of our young people's driving and I hope this is the first step in accomplishing that goal," he added.

Deterrence is a driving force in the criminal justice system and seems to be the greatest force that guided Guglietta's decision. As a result, this case should lead youngsters to think about driving more carefully in Rhode Island.

However, I believe that the punishment was too severe. To strip a young man of his driving privilege for life, without the opportunity to get it back,  is unfair. If I were the boy and his parents I would exhaust every appeal avenue possible in order to get his license back.

What do you think?