Construction Law, like many areas of the law, involves a variety of different interconnected issues and legal principles. Construction Law encompasses everything from land acquisition, to project financing, to post-completion settlements and construction defect lawsuits.

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Having had personal experience, unfortunately, with construction of the family home gone bad, I have two tips to offer. One relates to the legal tip given by LawInfo on facebook today: a picture is worth a thousand words. Just as in personal injury, photographs in construction defect suits carry their weight. This is especially true if you want to have the defective work remedied prior to trial. (Of course I would always consult my attorney prior to making any changes in property that is subject or potentially the subject of a lawsuit). Secondly, you should pursue your claims as soon as you have an inkling of a problem. If you give your contractor the benefit of the doubt, and put off pursuing your claim or even consulting a lawyer, the statute of limitations may run, leaving you with faulty construction and no legal remedy.

Consult a Construction Law Attorney as soon as the need arises. At worst you'll have a free initial consultation where a lawyer informs you of your legal rights and remedies available under the law, and details what any litigation might entail.