Georgia Superior Court Judge David Barrett

Georgia Superior Court Judge David Barrett Brandished His Gun During Testimony

This week a judge is making headlines for brandishing his weapon while on the stand. Judge David Barret was presiding over a case where a victim of an alleged sexual assault was seeking a restraining order against her attacker. At some point during her testimony, the judge apparently offered her his weapon, stating that she was "killing her case" by not cooperating with her attorney, and indicating that she should just shoot her. At some point the District Attorney told the judge to put the weapon away, and later reported the judge's conduct.

While concealed weapon permits are generally available by a judge's approval, with certain restrictions , apparently judges are allowed to carry concealed weapons in a courtroom for their own protection. However, the law does not allow them to point the gun at another person unless they fear their life is in danger, as in self-defense purposes.

While I imagine that the judge wasn't thinking the situation through when he made the gesture, one has to wonder whether the statute should be reconsidered, or perhaps a gun safety course should be required in order to prevent any subsequent incidences of inappropriate conduct.