The western Pennsylvania armored car guard wanted for allegedly murdering his partner and also stealing more than $2 million admitted the crimes in phone calls following the killing, according to a Yahoo News article.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Kenneth Konias Jr., 22, he told a friend that he'd killed someone and then attempted to persuade that friend to flee with him and live off of the stolen money.

The search for Konias began this past Tuesday, when authorities believe that he shot and killed his partner, 31-year-old Michael Haines, in a Garda Cash Logistics truck.

Police believe Konias is armed and extremely dangerous.

His partner's body was found in the back of the truck when company workers went to find out why it had been left under a bridge in Pittsburgh, PA.

Konias' former employer, Garda, has offered a $100,000 reward to whoever may know his whereabouts.

Here, all of the circumstantial evidence places Konias at the scene of the crime. He worked for Garda, his partner was shot dead in a Garda truck, and now Konias is nowhere to be found. Whats more, is that his friend told authorities that Konias admitted to killing someone.

Thus, if the friend is willing to testify in court it could prove to be just what the prosecution needs to assure Konias' guilt before a jury. However, if he is unwilling to testify it is up to Pennsylvania's evidence rules to see if Konias' admission is admissible in a court of law notwithstanding his friend's absence.

Yet, none of these questions can begin to be answered until Konias is found.

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