Woman lies about cancerA Virginia woman who pretended to have ovarian cancer so that she could deceive people into giving her money plead guilty Tuesday to two misdemeanor charges of obtaining money by false pretenses, according to a Yahoo News article.

Authorities began investigating, Martha Ann Nicholas, a 42-year-old mother of two, back in 2011.

Authorities believe that Nicholas may have collected as much as $10,000 in donations and by selling "Cancer Sucks" T-shirts to family, friends, and others.

Thus far Nicholas has paid back $1,700 in restitution.

A Hanover County judge sentenced Nicholas to five years' probation, during which she may not participate in any charitable causes, and a $100 fine.

Nicholas' attorney, Sam Simpson, said that she had been suffering from a psychosomatic condition that made her believe she actually had stage-four cancer. Nicholas is currently attending counseling, according to her family members.

People on various social media websites were outraged because they believe Nicholas got off too easy. In fact, some have referred to her punishment as "despicable."

At first glance this looks like your average fraud case. Mother of 2 needs money and fakes cancer to support her family, case closed. However, it is unclear whether Nicholas' mental condition was severe enough that it caused her to truly believe that she actually had cancer.

I guess that the plea deal offered by the prosecution was just to good to pass up in the end.

I think it was a smart move for the defense attorney to advise his client to take the deal because I think that a jury would have the same sentiments that those who voiced their opinions on the various social media websites had.

What do you think?