Oakland, which has more recently become known for having one of the more dedicated Occupy protests, has also been facing seemingly unprecedented gang related violence. One news segment I saw stated that there had been some 43 shootings in the past 9 days with 21 people either injured or killed. Three young children have been killed in the past year alone as a result of the shootings.

In response to this serious situation, an Alameda County judge extended an injunction to keep some 40 gang members out of a 2 mile "safe zone," where much of the violence has been occurring.

The injunction operates on the premise that the City of Oakland demonstrated that the Norteños and its affiliates "constitute[] a nuisance in that their behavior - including, but not limited to, narcotics possession and sales, graffiti, firearms possession, frequenting known gang areas, keeping company with well-known gang members ... intimidating witnesses and assaulting citizens - is indecent and offensive to the senses [and] interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property."

The affected individuals are prohibited from entering the "safe zone" at any time, unless it is for "legitimate" employment, to attend community meetings or receive counseling services,  to perform volunteer work or in order to meet with an attorney.

The Fruitvale neighborhood is the center of the safety zone, where according to the city, "decades of murders, assaults, robberies and other crimes [have been committed] against residents and businesses in [it]."

While other approaches have been suggested, I think this author fairly captures what many are thinking, "Those are all noble goals, but it's very hard to promote civic pride in a community where someone gets shot almost every day and police are deluged by reports of criminal activity."