Yet another school shooting occurred today at Chadron High School just outside Cleveland, Ohio. This morning 5 students were shot at the school and the suspected  gunman has since been placed in police custody, according to a Yahoo News article.

According to authorities and witnesses present, the shooter opened fire with a handgun before 8 a.m. in the school cafeteria while students were eating breakfast.

Afterwards, a teacher chased the shooter out of the building. He later turned himself in to a passerby.

Heather Ziska, a junior at Chadron High,  said that she recognized the shooter as a fellow student, however, authorities have yet to confirm whether the gunman was in fact a student at the school.

The suspected gunman is currently in custody at Geauga County Safety Center.

"A prompt entry was made into the school. They went into the school and located the victims. It became readily apparent that the shooter had fled already," a police officer revealed. "The individual was apprehended some distance from the school and had fled on foot."

Further, the officer said that police secured the perimeter of the school to make sure the gunman could not return. The police also launched a search aided by a K-9 unit.

2 students were taken by ambulance to Hillcrest Hospital while the 3 others were life-flighted to MetroHealth Hospital.

Teresa Hunt, a parent of 1 of the students present in the cafeteria, told WEWS that she was in the midst of text message correspondence with her daughter during the lockdown and her daughter said she heard five shots fired in the cafeteria about 7:30 a.m.

Another student, Evan Erasmus, told WEWS that a student had tweeted that he was going to bring a gun to school, but that no one took him seriously.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are currently at the school, including a SWAT team that is searching the entire school.

"We are on scene and can confirm that a SWAT team is out there, making things secure and, of course, conducting the preliminary steps of the investigation with the local authorities that called us," said FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson.

The superintendent immediately cancelled school throughout the district. Those who were at school were sent home and buses en route to school were ordered to turn back.

Parents throughout the district received the following message: "As of 9:00 AM the alleged sole CHS gunman is in custody and Chardon High School students are being moved by safety forces to Maple Elementary. Parents or legal guardians can pick up their students up any time. Chardon Middle School students are also being released to parents."

This is the most recent in the line of what is now a significant number of school shootings. However, what's different about the shooting here as compared to most of the others is that the shooter survived. In cases such as Columbine and Virginia Tech the shooters took their own lives subsequent to taking the lives of their fellow classmates leaving families and friends without any answers as to why their beloved were taken from them.

Accordingly, here we may have answers as to why the gunman decided to shoot five of his classmates. That is assuming that the gunman was a student.

The reports do not indicate whether these students have suffered life threatening  injuries. One can only hope that the victims pull through.

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