Huey and Cobra Helicopters

Example of Huey and Cobra Helicopters in Flight

7 marines perished in a 2 helicopter collision during training late Wednesday night west of Yuma, Arizona, according to an ABC News article.

The crash occurred around 8 p.m. and the helicopters were identified as a 2-seat Cobra attack helicopter as well as a UH-1 trooper carrier, also known as a Huey.

The deceased marines were part of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing based out of Camp Pendleton in north San Diego county.

The names of the deceased will not be released to the public for at least 24 hours.

According to Lt. Maureen Dooley, with Miramar Air Force Base in San Diego, the helicopters crashed on the California side of the Yuma training Range Complex near the Arizona border.

The Yuma area is frequently used for practice runs because the desert landscape is similar to countries in the middle east such as Afghanistan.

As of now there is nothing to suggest that there was any foul play surrounding the crash. However, when 7 brave men are lost while serving their country people will want answers as to why they left so soon.

Since the helicopters were both fighter choppers it is likely that those killed were in the midst of a flight simulation exercise. Thus, it is most likely that one of the pilots accidentally flew to close to the helicopter which lead to the tragic crash.

We are proud of those who risk their lives for us everyday by committing themselves to a life of military service. And, although saddening, these deaths will probably continue to happen because it is necessary that combat simulation exercises simulate real life fighting in order to produce outstanding fighter pilots.

I just hope for the sake of the families and the military in general that the number of deaths as a result can be minimized as much as is feasibly possible.

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