Needless to say golf is not a contact sport. The only threatened contact in golf is the chance that a ball hit awry could glance off your person as you traverse the links. However, these situations are unlikely and can often times be avoided if the golfer yells "Four." Keeping this in mind there is the rare occurrence where men get a little too much testosterone flowing and golf no longer looks like golf.

This is exactly what happened last January 27 in Texas. There a Texas man was allegedly stabbed for trying to play through at a Fort Worth area golf course and now could lose his leg as a result, according to an article on

The 48-year-old unnamed stab victim suffered a punctured femoral artery when he was stabbed in the leg with the shaft of a broken club.

The incident occurred at a golf course close to Eagle Mountain Lake after the alleged victim's group asked to play through because they felt that the group ahead of them was playing too slowly. According to the victim, a club official had instructed his group to play through.

Unfortunately, an argument ensued and a club broke in the process. Then the resourceful alleged attacker reportedly stabbed the victim in the leg twice, which punctured the victim's femoral artery.

Muscles in the victim's leg have atrophied from a lack of blood flow and if they do not regenerate chances are that the victim could very well lose his leg.

A criminal investigation is still ongoing.

If the victim does lose his leg it is highly likely that the victim could bring a civil tort lawsuit against the alleged attacker and possibly the golf course for damages related to his stabbing.  According to the alleged facts it is very likely that the victim could collect damages for assault with a deadly weapon among other charges. However, there is the ever-present dilemma in tort suits and that is whether the defendant has any money.

Accordingly, if the attacker is judgment proof, has no money, he would have to look into the possible claims that he could bring against the golf course. That is if he would like to be compensated for his injuries sustained during a leisurely day of golf.

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