Early Sunday morning  a fellow student found 21-year old Presbyterian College football player Kyle Allen lying unconscious in a fraternity house. Accordingly, the student called emergency medical personnel who took Allen to Lauren's County Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to an article on the Miami Herald.

The county coroner Nick Nichols said that he should have knowledge of Allen's cause of death by the end of the day Monday after an autopsy. Nichols does not believe that any foul play was involved.

As is protocol the State Law Enforcement Division has been notified because the death occurred on a college campus.

Allen, who played linebacker at Presbyterian, was a transfer from Georgia Southern University back in 2010. He was a business administration major and he participated in all of the teams 11 football games this past season.

Allen's teammates were informed of his tragic death Sunday morning after coaches called a team meeting.

This is not the first time that we have seen a young college aged student tragically fall dead at a frat party. What first comes to mind is the remorse and regret I feel for Allen's family, friends, teammates, coaches, and all of those affiliated with Presbyterian College.

Then comes to mind the possible causes of death. Generally when a person dies in a similar manner on a college campus everyone's first thoughts are that the death was drug or alcohol induced. Also, the myriad of head/concussion related injuries that have plagued football players plays into the cause of death analysis as well.

However there are no reports that Allen has suffered from head injuries in the past. And, there have been no reports that he consumed alcohol or drugs on that fateful night. Thus, this is all merely speculation as of now.

I guess we have to wait and see the results of the autopsy before all of these questions will be answered for sure.

All we can do now is keep his family in our thoughts and prayers.

What do you think?