Insurance Law Generally

Since my other post details some potential issues that can arise with an insurance policy, I thought I would take another post to explain more about Insurance Law in this week's practice area spotlight.

Something about law school makes you incredibly risk averse. Perhaps it's because you read cases about the worst possible things that can happen, or how people get completely taken advantage of, and the like, and you begin to think that things like that occur more often than not. Regardless of the motivation, being exposed to the different potential scenarios has made me appreciate the importance of insurance policies even more.

Sometimes, however, whether they are entitled to or not, insurance companies wrongfully deny claims. I don't know about you, but there is nothing I dislike more strongly than disputing claim denials with insurance companies. Even when they have the policy staring them in the face, some companies will still deny. Whether it be health insurance, homeowner's, or even a car insurance policy.

Luckily, in addition to having state laws in place that create additional legal claims you should an insurance company act in bad faith, there are also Insurance Law Attorneys to fight the fight for you.

LawInfo Insurance Law Resources

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