Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson was indicted on drug trafficking charges Thursday in Covington, Ky, according to ESPN.

The indictment charged Simpson with felony drug trafficking, which comes with a prison sentence of 1 to 5 years.

It comes almost 4 months after federal agents intercepted a package sent from California through the mail that contained 2.5 pounds of marijuana en route to Simpson's Kentucky home. After a subsequent search of Simpson's home investigators reportedly found an additional 6 pounds of marijuana within the house as well as other drug paraphernalia such as packaging materials, scales and smoking devices.

I actually wrote a blog about this story when it first surfaced a little less than 4 months ago.  In the blog I said that I was dumbfounded as to why a professional athlete would feel the need to sell drugs while living on a rather hefty NFL player's salary.

Furthermore, I was just as surprised to see that Simpson got to finish out the season without suspension because the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is notorious for handing them out on the basis of a criminal charge even before a grand jury indictment.

Ironically enough after the incident occurred Simpson went on to make one of the NFL's most remarkable and memorable plays of the season where he flipped over a defender into the end-zone and subsequently stuck the landing.

Nonetheless,i t looks like the law finally caught up with Simpson here. I guess that it is better late than never. But, it will still be interesting to see if Simpson is afforded leniency within the legal system that many athletes an celebrities enjoy.

Regardless of the outcome I would be extremely surprised to see Simpson play a down this season.

What do you think?

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