A 65-year-old woman got past an airport security checkpoint and boarded a plane Wednesday at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport with a gun tucked securely in her handbag, according to an article on Yahoo News. She was only stopped after the airplane was called back to its departing gate.

.38 Caliber Revolver

.38 Caliber Revolver

The gun that the woman carried was a .38 caliber revolver and she is to be charged in the next day or so with a felony for carrying a gun in a prohibited area.

A release from the Dallas airport stated that airport police got a call from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) around 6 a.m. where TSA asked the police to help them locate a person that had mistakenly got through the security checkpoint and who needed to be screened for a second time.

Airport security searched all five of the airport's terminals and eventually found the woman onboard a domestic flight that had been called back for inspection.  10 Flights were delayed in total for an average of 20-25 minutes.

TSA also said that they find on average 4 firearms per day at their security checkpoints, many of which are loaded. Most of the carriers claim that they forgot that they were carrying.

Amped Up Airport Security?

This incident leaves me wondering what would or could have been. What if the woman was a terrorist? What if it had been a bomb and not a gun in her handbag? This incident could have very easily ended in tragedy if the circumstances were even minutely tweaked.

After this incident it would be my guess that we could expect airport security to be amped up immediately not only in Dallas, but throughout the country.

I sure can't wait until my next flight.

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