About a week ago an anti-profanity activist tried to pull an episode of ABC's hit show Modern Family because one of its cast members Lily used a bleeped out cuss word, according to an article on ew.com. However, ABC decided to stand by its decision to air the show at its regularly scheduled time of Tuesday at 9 p.m., according to Yahoo News.Swear Jar

The leader in the crusade against cussing was Mckay Hatch, an 18-year-old college student who founded the No Cussing Club back in 2007. The club, which contains 35,000 members worldwide, believed that even if their effort was unsuccessful it would demonstrate the club's message to people all over the world. And that message is that a 2-year-old should not be cussing on TV.

In last night's episode Lily uses an expletive much to the surprise of her parents Mitchell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Cam, Eric Stonestreet.

During the actual filming of the episode Lily's character played by Audrey Anderson-Emmons actually said the word fudge. Additionally, the word was bleeped and her mouth was covered by pixilation, which gives viewers the idea that she used a cuss word.

Steve Levitan, the shows creator and producer said that he is proud that ABC decided to air the show. Furthermore, Levitan stated that the plotline was a very natural occurrence that almost every parent has to go through at one time or another and that the hit show is not sexually charged.

I agree here with Levitan and ABC. At some point in time every child lets his or her first cuss word slip out. It is a very real and harmless problem that parents have to deal with all over the country. In addition, the episode does not  seek to encourage cussing among youth, but merely recognizes that impressionable children will at one time or another repeat what they hear.

What do you think?