Last Sunday, Christmas day, a man dressed in a Santa Claus suit allegedly shot six family members at an apartment outside Fort Worth, according to Yahoo News. Grapevine police worked through Sunday night and all day Monday to try to piece together the man's family history in a desperate search for a motive connecting him to the mass killing.

A spokesman for the Grapevine police said that the shooter appeared in a Santa suit and shots followed soon thereafter. After police responded to a 911 call they found 3 men and 4 women dead lying alongside 2 handguns.

Authorities are continuing to piece together an investigation and believe that all of the victims were related.

The autopsies were set for Monday, however, the identities of the shooter and the victims have yet to be released to the public as authorities do not want to reveal the identities until they have been confirmed by the medical examiner.

A spokesmen for the medical examiner's office said that all of the victims have been tentatively identified, but the office could not confirm the deceased's names because the state driver's license fingerprint database was not available for use on the Christmas holiday.

An UnMerry Christmas

According to a neighbor, Thomas Ehrlich, the suspected shooter and one of the female victim's were estranged and the unnamed shooter lived two miles away in the nearby town of Colleyville. Moreover, records show that the couple had gone through financial struggles including the foreclosure sale of their house valued at over $300,000 in 2010.

During these tough economic times you hear more and more instances of a parent taking his or her life as well as the lives of a spouse and/or kids. Times are tough and some believe that this drastic decision is the only way out.

It is sad that people believe that money can influence such a selfish decision such as ending the lives of 6 close family members. Whats worse, is that we will never truly know what motivated the shooter dressed as Santa to abruptly end the lives of those family members who were once near and dear to him.

As of now all that we can do is speculate as to why this senseless tragedy took place. And hope that others can learn from this case and think twice before resorting to such a senseless decision in the future.

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