A New Jersey man, Joseph Fabozzi, filed a $5 million class action lawsuit against the online ticket trader website, after he was denied admission to a Stone Temple Pilots concert due to a duplicate ticket.

His complaint states that, "[e]ven though StubHub makes numerous 'guarantees' on its website that a ticket purchased by a buyer will be 'authentic' and 'valid for entry,' [but] in reality, [due to additional language in the fine print,] StubHub does not guarantee the fact that a ticket will be 'authentic' and 'valid for entry' at all."

Essentially, Mr. Fabozzi is claiming that due to his inability to attend the concert, since the same ticket was sold to another person, he and the other members of the class are entitled to, " damages equal to two times the contracted price of the ticket, in addition to any sum expended by them in nonrefundable expenses for attending or attempting to attend the event in good faith reliance on seat or space availability, and reasonable attorney's fees and court costs."

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