73 year-old Deloris Gillespie was burnt to death during what she believed to be a routine ascent to her fifth floor Brooklyn apartment last week, according to Yahoo News. Surveillance video from inside the elevator shows that a man dressed like an exterminator accompanied her on that fateful elevator ride. The man held a canister sprayer, wore white gloves, and had a dust mask resting atop his head.

Furthermore, the surveillance video showed the man methodically douse Gillespie with the canister sprayer while she ducked to avoid being covered with the flammable substance that it emitted. Unfortunately, her efforts were to no avail as the attacker then lit a rag on fire placed it in a bottle and tossed t into the elevator as he exited.

After neighbors noticed that the apartment elevator caught on fire they called the fire department without realizing that there were any passengers subsumed by the elevator's flames.

The next day a 47-year-old man turned himself into Brooklyn police in connection with Gillespie's death. The suspect, Jerome Isaac, stated that his motive for killing Gillespie was a $2,000 unpaid debt that she owed him for work that he had done for her.

Yesterday, Isaac was arrested and charged with both murder and arson.

According to reports from one of Gillespie's neighbors, Isaac lived with Gillespie for about six months last year.

The neighbor mentioned that the living arrangement ended early in 2011 and since that time he had seen the increasingly disheveled Isaac walk down Brooklyn streets pushing a grocery cart full of aluminum cans.

The neighbor mentioned that he and Isaac had exchanged pleasantries in the past and often talked about his dog.

It looks to me as if Isaac had reached a point in his life where he decided that he was not going to live on the streets for another day. I think that he felt that living in jail would be a better opportunity for him than being homeless. It is just really unfortunate that he had to take another life in order to reach this objective.

Personally I think that his actions were a cry for help.

What do you think?